Our wood is sold by the cord (128 Cubic ft.) or fraction of a cord, rather than by weight. 

Our competitors who charge by weight have an incentive to sell wet wood because a cord of wood will make them a larger profit. 

We charge by volume rather than weight because heavy wood is usually wet wood, insuffciently seasoned, and produces a lot of smoke. 

Average Measurements

1 CORD =  A full size pickup truck with 4 ft. side boards

1/2 CORD =  A standard pickup truck, 8 ft. bed, stacked bed-level 

1/3 CORD =  Medium size truck with 6 ft. bed, stacked bed-level, such as Tacoma, S-10, Dodge Dakota 

1/4 CORD = Small size truck stacked bed-level, such as Ford Ranger, Toyota pickup 

10-15 CUBIC FEET= Standard sized trunk of an Accord or Camry (on average)

Samples of Stacked Wood